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PHOTO : Atsuo Norigoe Representative Director & President

Aiming for Creation of Livable Society and Affluent Future

Satoshi TakizawaRepresentative Director & President

     SEIKO PMC CORPORATION produces chemicals for use in the paper and board industry and ink resin products for use in inks and recording materials. As a B to B company we are not seen in the public eye even though our products go into many consumer products. We have been providing products and materials for these industries for many years; our products are based on our core technologies of emulsion and dispersion chemistry and polymer synthesis. These technologies are directed to meet the current and future need of our client companies.

     SEIKO PMC formulates management plans and enacts its policies under the concept of "Achieving Customer Satisfaction by providing customers with Chemical Solutions, and solidifying our Corporate Sustainability by making contributions to customers and society". With our Mid-Term Management Plan CS VISION-I coming to an end in 2015, we formulated CS VISION-II, a plan beginning in fiscal 2016. The final year of this plan, 2018, will also mark the 50th year since our founding. CS VISION-II sets the following as its guiding principle: "Construct a robust domestic business platform resistant to changes in the business environment and, building on this platform as our foundation for growth, become a corporate group that achieves sustained growth with the diversification of business through new business launches and global business expansion centered on Asia".

     As our Group engages in the expansion of our business domains, our engines for growth will be new business, and the Fine Chemicals Business that was added to the Group through business transfer as an achievement under CS VISION-I. In our existing Paper Making Chemical Business, we will develop unique chemical product systems matched to the needs of the paper making industry, and will expand our presence in the market by providing solutions that contribute to improved operations, stable quality, and reduced resource usage for customers. In our Resin Business, we will focus on increasing sales of environmentally friendly, high value-added products that contribute to reductions in VOCs and to the switch to water-based printing inks. We will also actively inject management resources into the overseas development of both our Paper Making Chemical Business and Resin Business.

     In undertaking these businesses, we will construct an organizational governance system within the Group. At the same time, all employees will diligently carry out the roles and duties expected of us as a corporate citizen and will work toward the continued improvement of our corporate value.

     In order to achieve the mission outlined above, we adopted the following business principle and policies.

Business Principle
We will contribute to the creation of a livable society and an affluent future.
Business Policies
  1. We will comply with laws and engage in fair business activities.
  2. We will pay adequate attention to the environment, safety, and conservation of resources, and contribute to society.
  3. We will generate new values and products that respond to the needs of the market and our customers.
  4. We will release information proactively to our shareholders and society.
  5. We will create a bright, liberal, and energetic corporate culture.

Your continued support and guidance would be appreciated.

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