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Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin

Rosin modified phenolic resin is mainly used for offset printing ink. SEIKO PMC recently made a rosin modified phenolic resin to meet the increased printing speeds of the newer printers and at the same time allowed the use of lower quality paper to be used. We provide many resins that improve setting speed, pigment dispersive efficiency and ink / water balance for web-fed offset, sheet-fed offset and newspaper inks.

Product list

Product name Acid value Melting point (℃) Viscosity (dPas)*1 Heptane tolerance (ml/g)**2 Characteristics
OR-357 20 MAX 165-175 350-450 15-20 Good water resistance,
Low misting
OR-400 21 MAX 140-150 40-60 9-13 Light-colored,
Low viscosity
OR-480 27 MAX 170-180 410-490 6-9 High viscosity
OR-490 21 MAX 151-157 225-275 13-17 Good water resistance,
Low misting
OR-7000 24 MAX 150-165 100-140 5-8 Light-colored
OR-534 20 MAX 155-165 30-70 10-14 Quickly drying,
Good water resistance
OR-190 20 MAX 145-155 120-220 33-38 Good water resistance,
High gloss

*1 Varnish for measurement resin: linseed-oil=35:65
Measured by a vertical falling ball method (25℃)
*2 Solution for measurement resin: toluene=35:65
Measured by heptane titration

These solid resins can be used in varnishes. We can provide many kinds of varnish product.

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