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SEIKO PMC’s Business

Papermaking Chemicals Business

“Papermaking chemicals” is a general term for chemicals used when manufacturing paper. Papermaking chemicals provide paper with the various functionality required for uses. For example, sizing agents provide paper with water-resistant. It’s used to manufacture printing paper for magazines, postcards etc. to prevent the ink bleeding. Dry strength agents enhance paper / paperboard strength such as bursting, compressing, tensile, and internal bond strength etc. and mainly used in the manufacture of paperboard, which requires high strength. Wet strength agents provide strength to the paper when it gets wet. These agents are always used for tissues and paper towels. By providing various papermaking chemicals, SEIKO PMC contributes to the papermaking industry that is indispensable to daily life. In addition to our domestic business, we have been expanding our business in the Chinese market since 2006. And we aim to further expand our business area in the Asian region, with a focus on Southeast Asia.

Resin Products Business

In the resin products business, SEIKO PMC manufactures a variety of related functional resins, with a focus on resins for printing inks used to add color to paper.

Resin for water-based ink, one of our main products, is highly evaluated not only in Japan but also overseas, mainly in China and Southeast Asia, and we are strengthening local production and sales. Recently, we are accelerating the development of environment-friendly products including the development of materials using biomass raw materials and the development of functional coating agents for paper that contribute reducing plastics from packaging materials.

In addition, in January 2019, we expanded our business domain by making Total Acrylic Polymer Industry Corporation, manufacture of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives, into a subsidiary.

Functional Chemicals Business (KJ Chemicals Corporation)

KJ Chemicals, which is our group company manufacture various functional materials, mainly the acrylamide derivatives.

They are focusing on the monomers and oligomers used in the applications of the solvent-free type UV curable resins, water-based inks and adhesives, etc., which market is expanding due to the customer’s environmental concerns.

KJ Chemicals have a large lineup of monomers with low irritation and high UV curable speed.

In addition, the amide type solvent “KJCMPA®-100” which is highly soluble and safe is launched in the world utilizing the technology cultivated in the monomer production.