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SEIKO PMC protects personal data obtained from its stakeholders in the course of business activities appropriately in accordance with the following Basic Policy, recognizing the importance of the personal data.

Basic Policy

1. Observation of Relevant Laws and Regulations on Protection of Personal Data
SEIKO PMC shall strictly observe the Act on the Protection of personal data and other relevant laws and regulations.

2. Lawful and Fair Means of Obtaining Personal Data
Personal data shall be obtained by lawful and fair means and to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose.

3. Use of Personal Data
Personal data shall not be used for purposes other than those specified, and shall be treated carefully not to invade rights of the person.

4. Security Safeguards of Personal Data
SEIKO PMC shall take utmost care to keep personal data accurate and safe in order to protect personal data.
To establish a management framework to protect personal data, SEIKO PMC shall strive to conduct reasonable and appropriate measures to prevent risks such as unauthorized access to personal data, loss, damage, defacing, or leakage.
SEIKO PMC shall appropriately manage personal data, and take adequate measure for the data security.

5. Disclosures of Personal Data to Third Parties
SEIKO PMC shall utilize personal data within the scope of the intended use that is agreed by the individual, and shall not disclose or provide personal data to third parties except by the authority of law or when there is a legitimate reason.

6. Disclosure, Correction, Cessation of use , Deletion of Personal Data
When an individual requests for disclosure, correction, cessation of use, or deletion of personal data, SEIKO PMC shall accommodate the request to the reasonable extent in light of common sense, taking due care of right of an individual relating to his or her personal data.

7. Upgrading and Continuous Improvement of Personal Data Protection System
SEIKO PMC shall ensure that all directors and employees to recognize the importance of personal data protection, and shall strive to upgrade the personal data protection system, set the internal rules, and continuously improve those system and rules.


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