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Respond to Customer Needs by “The System of The Trinity”

We must respond promptly to customer needs as the market environment continues to rapidly change.
To meet this challenge, SEIKO PMC established a customer oriented structure, that we call “The Trinity”, where i) research and development, ii) manufacturing and quality control, and iii) sales and technical support will work together as one unit. We will further pursue customer satisfaction by accurately responding with speed and flexibility to customer needs.


Research & Development

Research and Development
Supporting Technical Innovation of Our Customers

In the past few years, market demand to reduce the cost of paper making chemicals and printing ink resins has grown very strong. This focus on cost containment is in opposition to the need to provide better quality products that are more environmentally friendly. With demands from customers for the above-mentioned improvements, SEIKO PMC has used its proprietary technologies and has established product specific groups for existing lines, a new product development group, an analysis group, a technology management group and other groups within our Chiba, Ichihara, Iwai and Akashi laboratories. These groups promote research and development in close cooperation with each other and they provide the optimum product prescription to our customers. We are engaged in research not only in-house but also in collaboration with many domestic universities and research institutes.

Manufacturing and Quality Control

Production Technology
Responding to Product
Modification and Development

Production technology is the ability to meet customer needs by producing material designed to function in their production facilities. SEIKO PMC’s Production Division has production technology and know-how for the speedy commercialization of products required by the customer and developed within the company structure. The time required from modification and development of a product to commercial production has been minimized through the introduction of the latest production and computer-based automation and streaming systems. Furthermore, we are doing our utmost to improve the environment. This is a social mission for every corporation to fulfill. An example is our certification as an ISO 14001 manufacturer.

Sales and Technical Support

Extensive Expertise and Know-How Enabling Accurate Response to Customer Needs

SEIKO PMC’s motto regarding sales and technical support is; Anticipation of customer needs and continuous efforts for the benefit of the customers are the basis of sales and the driving force in our development. A prominent characteristic of the company is that a majority of our representatives have specialized technical training in such areas as polymer chemistry and organic chemistry and possess a degree of product knowledge and advanced technical know-how comparable to our research engineers. Highly satisfactory products are provided and products are promptly modified/ developed based on the accurate feedback on technical problems and potential needs that these sales representatives, who visit and make direct contacts with customers, bring to the laboratories.