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Aiming for constant
change and growth through
Eco-friendly Technology
Representative Director, President and CEO
Seido Kan

I, Seido Kan, have assumed the role of Representative Director, President and CEO from March 25, 2022. I will do my best to enhance the corporate value of SEIKO PMC Group by contributing to the global environment and the society.


SEIKO PMC Group (“SPMC”) has been expanding its business domains and regions since it first started paper-making chemical business more than 50 years ago. Recently, SPMC acquired KJ Chemicals Corporation (functional monomers) in 2014, and in 2019, SPMC added Total Acrylic Polymer Industry Corporation (adhesive agents) to its business portfolio. SPMC now operates business globally with particular focus on China, Korea, Taiwan, and the South East Asia.
As for its new business, SPMC continues putting its focus on STARCEL®, a cellulose nanofiber composite resin, and STARCON®, a silver nanowire ink. In addition, SPMC now puts more effort into expanding business/product domains using its “eco-friendly technology”. It includes SEIKOAT®, a water-based emulsion that would facilitate replacement of plastic with paper, and biofilm control agents. All of these products embody SPMC’s corporate philosophy, that is, “Through the creation of new technology, SPMC will contribute to the sustainable development of a prosperous society in which people coexist with the environment”. SPMC also expects that it will enhance the company’s presence in the society.

In 2021, SPMC reached 30 billion yen in net sales for the first time. SPMC is now moving toward the next stage to further develop its business. To this end, SPMC anticipates investing up to 30billion yen in order to enhance its corporate value (including M&As) over the next nine years to 2030, the goal set by its Long-Term Vision “VISION 2030”.


Under this uncertain business environment, it is clear that various requirements to corporations imposed by society are increasing. In order for SPMC to meet these social demands while pursuing its corporate values, it is vital that it should be flexible and resilient at all levels. SPMC has formed its 3-Year Management Plan “OPEN 2024”. The plan was made by working backwards from its “VISION 2030”, which describes its “ideal situation in 2030”. The keyword running through the Plan is “Change”. SPMC is committed to pursue constant change for growth and resilience to go through an ever-changing environment.
SPMC will continue putting its efforts to contribute to the global environment and society, while enhancing its presence in the society by stretching its eco-friendly technology and its human resources to the fullest extent. I would very much appreciate your continued support and encouragement.