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Product Development for Reducing Plastics and Promoting Paper Utilization

~functional coating agents for paper~

 Marine debris is one of the most pervasive global threats in the world’s coastal areas, oceans, and waterways.  At least 8 million tons of plastic are emitted in our oceans every year, and floating plastic debris are currently the most abundant items of marine litter. 

 In recent years, due to such environmental issues, more attention has been paid to sustainable paper packaging materials and their demand is growing.  Paper-based materials are highly desirable as packaging materials due to their numerous advantages that include abundance of resources, renewability, and biodegradability.  However, their low barrier properties (water/oil/vapor) and lack of heat sealability have limited applicability for packaging materials. 

 SEIKO PMC has been developing the functional coating agents for paper.  Our products will contribute to the expansion of the utility of paper by adding various functions such as water/oil-resistant and heat sealability.  We will contribute to create the sustainable society through our eco-friendly technologies.

Microwave heating experiment of a paper package coated our coating agents (oil/water resistance, heat sealability)

Tray: paperboard for cups (Resin coating on food contact surface) / Package: Bleached  kraft paper (Resin coating on the inside)