Cellulose Nanofiber(CNF)Resin Composite

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Cellulose Nanofiber(CNF)Resin Composite

Cellulose nanofiber (CNF) is a nanofiber obtained by defibrillating cellulose to the nano-size and has superior features including low density, high strength, high elastic modulus and low thermal expansion.
CNF can be applied as reinforcing fibers for thermoplastic resins. CNF resin composite is expected to be applied to various fields such as automotive, home electric appliances and building materials.

Cellulose Nanofiber(CNF)Resin Composite “STARCEL®“

  • An integrated manufacturing process called the “Kyoto Process” developed in NEDO Project centered on Kyoto University is applied to manufacturing of STARCEL®.
    ※In this process, chemically modified pulp is kneaded into thermoplastic resins and unraveled into nanofibers.
  • STARCEL® improves mechanical properties and reduces weights of composites.
  • STARCEL® is made from wood pulp derived from an abundant and sustainable biomass.
  • STARCEL® is an eco-friendly material applicable to material recycling and thermal recycling.
CNF Resin Composite「STARCEL®」
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STARCEL® series:CNF Resin Composite

Expected Application

  • Automotive, Home electric appliances, Building materials, Various resin materials for daily necessities(Compounds, Foaming materials, Films, etc.)
  • Rubber materials

Application to structural materials (Automotive, Home electric appliances, Building materials, etc.)

  • Gives strength, hardness and heat resistance to resin.
  • Exhibits thixotropy and can be injection molded even at high CNF content.
Flexural properties of polypropylene with STARCEL®

Application to foaming materials (Foam, Cushion, Sealant, etc.)

CNF suppresses expanding cell size and reinforces the bubble wall,

  • Gives strength, hardness and heat resistance to the foam.
  • Shows superior resilience against repeated deformation and compression.
Effect of application of STARCEL® on the foamability of polyethylene foam

We are working with our clients to develop a variety of practical applications.
※For further information about STARCEL®, please contact us on our website.