Surface Strength Resins

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Surface Strength Resins

Surface strength resins are commonly used to enhance surface strength of fine paper, coated paper, coated board, linerboard, newsprint etc.
They also can reduce fuzz that sometimes appears on the paper surface after printing.

SURFACE STRENGTH RESIN ST series(Anionic modification polyacrylamide resins)

  • It enhances surface strength of paper / paperboard.
  • It inhibits fuzzy printing caused by aqueous inks.
  • It enhances internal bond strength of coated paper (especially with low basis weight).
Product list

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Product name Ionic Non-volatile(%) Viscosity
pH Characteristics
ST5000 Anion 30 2000~8000 6.0~8.0 General-purpose product.
Enhances surface strength, internal strength and interlayer strength of paper.
ST5006 Anion 30 3000~9000 6.0~8.0 Excellent effect of enhancing the surface strength.
ST5017 Anion 30 1000~5000 6.0~8.0 Excellent permiability.
Supress the deterioration of breathability.
ST5022 Anion 25 1500~5000 6.0~8.0 High-molecular weight type product.
Excellent effect of enhancing the paper strength especially, compressed strength and stiffness.