Wet Strength Agents

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Wet Strength Agents

These products provide strength to the paper when it is wetted, this is called wet strength.
They are used many grades of paper such as sanitary tissues, currency and packaging applications.

WET STRENGTH RESIN WS Series(Polyamide epichlorohydrin resin、Polyamine epichlorohydrin resin)

  • These agents are used in many grades of paper (household paper products, paperboard etc.).
  • Due to their highly cationic nature, they can help retain anionic additives.
  • Show a superior effect in high wet strength resin(WS) additive range by combination with DS or DA series.
Product list

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Product name Main components Ionic Non-volatile(%) Viscosity
pH Characteristics
WS4020 Polyamide epichlorohydrin Cation 25 50〜250 2.5〜4.5 Effective under a wide range of conditions.
Low AOX type. Comply with FDA regulation.
WS4030 Polyamide epichlorohydrin Cation 25 50〜250 2.5〜4.5 AOX is reduced than WS4020.
Comply with FDA regulation.
WS4027 Polyamide epichlorohydrin Cation 25 15〜35 2.5〜4.5 “Low viscosity product. Used as a cross-linking agent.
Comply with FDA regulation.
WS4011 Polyamine epichlorohydrin Cation 20 40〜100 2.5〜5.0 Excellent effect of enhancing wet strength, alkali resistance and weather resistance.
TS4070 Polyamide epichlorohydrin Cation 20 10〜200 4.0〜8.0 Provide temporary wet strength.
Comply with FDA regulation.

Example of using Wet Strength Agents