Published Papers and Conference Activities

Published Papers and Conference Activities


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Subject Author・Lecturer Scientific Society/Journal Month, Year
Development of Cellulose Nanofiber reinforced Resin “STARCEL” and Its Application to Running Shoes Material

Daisuke Kuroki

The Forefront of Cellulose Nanofiber Research and Practical Application Nov, 2021
Application development of cellulose nanofiber composite materials

Akihiro Sato

Cellulose nanofiber study session organized by Tokyo SME Support Center Sep, 2021
14. Functionality and technological trends of papermaking chemicals 15. Water based emulsion for paper coating to replace polyethylene laminate

Koji Yoshitani

Technical Information Institution/ Material design and recent advances of functional polymers related to water Jul, 2021
Development of Moisture Resistant Coating Agents Derived from Biodegradable Biomass Material

Teruyuki Matsushima

Japanese Journal of Paper Technology Jul, 2021
Introduction of GHS-related domestic and foreign laws

Yoshiaki Kokubo

Research Society for Management of Chemical Substances Jun, 2021
Influences of dispersion media for chemically modified cellulose nanofibers on rheological and mechanical properties of cellulose nanofiber reinforced high-density polyethylene

Akihiro Sato

Cellulose Apr, 2021
Possibility of patent search by combined use of R and RPA

Yoshiaki Kokubo

IP AI Utilization Workshop Mar, 2021
A novel biofilm control agent Takeshi Kubo, Ryoji  Igarashi Clean Technology Mar, 2021
Development of Water Based Emulsion
for Paper Coating that Achieve Reduction of Plastic Usage
Yasushi Fujiwara  Techinical Information Institute Co., Ltd. Feb, 2021
Introduction of CNF Masterbatch STARCEL and its product adoption for sports shoes Daisuke Kuroki CNF Practical Application Forum Online 2021 in Okayama Jan, 2021