Published Papers and Conference Activities

Published Papers and Conference Activities


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Subject Author・Lecturer Scientific Society/Journal Month, Year
Application of Water Based Emulsion to Paper Coating to Add Barrier and Heat-sealing Properties to the Paper

Yasushi Fujiwara

Technical Information Institute Co., Ltd Dec, 2022
SEIKOAT T-EF201, a novel non-fluorinated oil-resistant coating agent capable of maintaining high paper breathability

Teruyuki Matsushima

The 65rd-2022 Japan TAPPI Annual Meeting Oct, 2022
The development of cellulose nanofiber at SEIKO PMC CORPORATION

Satoru Iwata

The 40th regular meeting of the Association of Decoration Technologies Sep, 2022
SEIKOAT T-EF201,a Novel Non-fluorinated Oil-resistant Coating Agent Capable of Maintaining High Air Permeability of Paper

Teruyuki Matsushima

Japanese journal of paper technology Jul, 2022
Development of Cellulose Nanofiber(CNF) Composite STARCEL

Daisuke Kuroki, Akihiro Sato

Japanese journal of paper technology Jun, 2022
Functionalization of cellulose fibers with “From nano to micron size” Akihiro Sato The Society of Polymer Science Japan May, 2022
New CNF Masterbatch for Rubber applications STARCEL T-NC390 Daisuke Kuroki The Society of Rubber Science and Technology, Japan Mar, 2022
Development of Water Based Emulsion
for Paper Coating that Achieve Reduction of Plastic Usage
Yasushi Fujiwara  CMC Publishing Co., Ltd. Feb, 2022